Thursday, July 9, 2015

Shh... library time and studying with friends. You know the usual stuff, talking, texting, and getting almost nothing done in the mean time. I finished my- stuff sort of at least-for my next class and I keep counting down the minutes until dinner even though we just got out of lunch two hours ago.  Did I mention that I've been using the wrong label for the past two posts... oh well, the right one is on here now. oh, before I forget, we have a speech that we have to give in class tomorrow and I hope to do well, so if anybody who reads this has any pointers and tips on how to stay concentrated on my speech and to keep myself from passing out, that would be greatly appreciated. Until next time! Also, check out my friend's blog!

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  1. Classic! but hey, don't procrastinate too much - glad to see you reaching out to ask for others' ideas... this is a good strategy if you get a study group together there in The Hub.